Creating your dream team of suppliers

The suppliers you choose play a huge role in helping bring your vision together. It’s important you choose suppliers that fir your personalities and share your vision. I’ve had the of being able to work with some of the industry’s most talented creatives. Therefore, I am completely confident I can help you create your supplier dream team.

Information pack

Information pack with in depth details for three venues that suit your criteria


Any available pricing for selected venues

Booking Consultations

Booking any consultations with selected suppliers

"People always say to prepare yourself for one thing going wrong on your wedding day but everything went off without a hitch, seriously it was all so perfect thanks to you. Thank you for putting up with not having the right answer to things during our meetings and our indecision at time. We are so grateful to have had you guide us through the process and you were a really special part of our day."

Crystal & Chris

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